Please let us know if Tent will be placed on Grass or Concrete 


Accepted forms of payment : Cash or by Card ( 3% cc fee will apply )



With every rental there is a security deposit of $40.00 which

is refunded once things are returned and accounted for .

Tents Rental / Alquiler de Carpas / Toldos, We sale Tent too. new or used


Some prices change depending on City & State event will be held in 

Please Let us know if the Tent is going on Concrete or Grass ( Extra charges may apply )


NOTE : With every rental there is a security deposit of $40 which is then refunded after the event and all item(s)

rented are returned and accounted for.


 * Option Side Wall are Available : 20ft Long walls *

$.00 ea. Plain White


$.00 ea. with Windows 


10x10 Tent Frame (capacity of 10)

Self- install $


Company installation 


       10x20 Tent (20 to 30 people) 

10x30 Frame Tent (30 to 40 People)

15x15  Frame Tent (A capacity of 20 people)

15X30 Frame Tent

20x20  Frame Tent (Capacity of 40 to 50 people


20x20  Frame Tent (Capacity of 40 to 50 people)

20x30 Tent (Capacity of 60 to 80 people)

20x40 Tent (Capacity of 80 to 100 people)

We do BIGGER Tents ! Give us a call for an Estimate !


If the Tent is used on concrete , water barrels will be used to substitute stakes to sustain Tent

20 FT Long White Globes

4 - White Globes

4X8 FT Plywood Outdoor Dance Floor

Can be painted for  $.00  for every 4X8


You can paint it yourself


( We can set up Different size platforms )



Fans For A Tent

20 inch to hang 

 20 inch pedestal Fans

or 30 inch Fan pedestal