With all rentals there is a security deposit of $40.00 which is 

refunded once things are returned and accounted for .


Accepted forms of payment : Cash or by Card ( 3% cc fee will apply ) 


Please do not stand on Chairs. You can injure yourself and possibly break the Chair.

Chairs, Sillas Alquiler de sillas

Sucursal en Guatemala Haga su pedido por Texto o po whatsapp 502 3335 1505

** Some prices change depending on City & State event is held in **

Delivery Fee starts at $45.00 and up 

Black Samsonite Chairs

$1.00 ea. medium used 

$1.25 new

White Samsonite Chairs

Old Chairs  - $1.00 ea.

Med used -  $1.25 ea.

Almost New  -  $1.50 ea.

NEW - $1.75 ea.

Children Chairs

$1.50 ea.


White Resin Chairs w. Padded Seating

Old $2.00 ea.

Med used $2.50 ea.

NEW $2.75 ea.


Chiavairy Chairs

Available in : Gold / Silver / Creme White or WHITE

Med used $3.75

Almost New $4.95



Bridal Chair

$25.00 ea.

(Can be used for a Baby shower, Quince, Wedding, Sweet 16 )

Throne Chair white or gold

Chair Covers 


Bows / Sashes

Organza Material  $1.00 ea.

Satin Material  $1.50 ea.